bare tree beside a gray concrete church

The process to start the cockfight is very simple as both of the contestants will have to bring their birds to the place where the fight is going to happen, and they will each have their place where they can sit and take proper rest so that they can be focused to take down their opponent with so much ease and this can only be done with great focus and also good teamwork, and this can be done by the trained and the bird if they have a good history and relation with each other. When their names are announced, they will take their birds, and then both of them will enter the area holding their birds and then the referee will check both of the birds and then give them the long steel structure that these birds will have to wear so that they can attack each other and these structures are made from steel and are very sharp just like a knife which is very dangerous, and this is why they stop these kinds of fights very early. Once released, they can win either by knocking them out or by dominating them.